Århus Vice

Just as the world is preparing for screen-scape 2.0 with interactive facades and intelligent lighting it seems that Århus in Denmark is going Miami Vice mania. I am not sure whether it is because the local glazier had sale or if it is a local affection of the 80’s but it seems like every building in the city centre needs to have a neon sign.

Brian Flanagan aka. Tom Cruise would definitely love it, but it strikes me odd how the city can refrain from exchanging the saturated glow with commercial-packed-televisions. In this case it is fortunate!

What factors dominate the lightscape of a city? An how come a seemingly outdated technology is maintaining or even increasing its popularity in a danish provincial city? Through my little observation of the signs in central Århus I wonder which other aspects can be analyzed through a city’s lightscape? Is it purely coincidental? Or does it somehow reflect the city?

Well here are some photos form the city centre. All these can be taken within a walking distance of 5 min.


~ by tw on October 23, 2009.

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