Climate change is hot, or at least it is getting warmer. Or so they say. COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is just about to start (Dec 7th to Dec 18th).

Not only are politicians attending meetings, but also scientists, NGOs, environmentalist etc. congregate to Copenhagen these days.

But what are the expectations and concerns of people around the world on the subject of climate change? People who are carrying on with their normal duties and are not on their way to Copenhagen.

NoMadSpaceLab and The Department of Unusual Certainties intends to find out, and have asked researchers around the world to ask five questions on the topic.

Visit project blog and webpage for information about the project and read about climate impressions from around the world.

~ by tw on December 4, 2009.

One Response to “CLIMATE CHANGE my life?”

  1. Nonsense, you are attributing powers to a trace gas, CO2, that is insignificant by definition and a poor absorber of IR energy from the sun compared to water vapor that has 200 times as many molecules with each absorbing seven times as much energy for a net effect more than 1400 times that of CO2! Or you can say “Water vapor is responsible for 99.9% of all atmospheric heating.”

    Carbon is 84% of all petroleum and fossil fuel. The control and taxing of carbon is the key to more political, economic taxing power than anything that has happened in 800 years, the signing of the Magna Carta. But, where that was the key to freedom for the people this is the way to the concentration of power in the wrong hands. It is just that simple. Check the science and you will see.

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