Kolding Experience Nature

Vulnerable ecosystems are seriously threatened by urbanization all over the planet. The increasing population and industrialization across the globe only makes the problem growing. Therefore the call for more sustainable urbanization is urgent. Hence the main focus of this project has been on the development of a sustainable transformation strategy for urban colonization of the landscape. Too often urbanization means vast occupation of open landscape with little or no respect to the ecosystems that already exist there. The main conceptual approach has therefore been to urbanize the landscape with respect to nature. The project studies how landscape can be preserved through a denser and compact urban structure than the suburban sprawl that characterises residential districts in Kolding. The transformation strategy furthermore deals with the relationship between city and nature and how to integrate nature in the city at different levels. Various typologies have been developed with the focus to create sustainable ways of living in nature while still living in a city. The typologies also define various degrees of urbanization in relation to nature and the intensity in the different zones. Decisive for all solutions have been the respect to nature, where e.g. problems such as seasonal flooding have been tackled without obstructing nature.

Another important approach to the project has been the preservation of the identity of the area. The existing uses and characteristics have therefore been decisive for the layout of the future area. The users are now stimulated through sports activities and the open landscape. It has been important to preserve and enhance this type of environment where inhabitants and visitors can evolve and progress throughout use of their city.

As the area is the link between the city centre and the large open landscape of Kolding Ådal connectivity and accessibility to the area has a high priority and has formed an important part of the transformation strategy.

View full project here.

~ by tw on January 20, 2010.

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