Synergy Reef

This project proposes a green-field development in synergy with nature and a location where construction in long term will have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. It is situated in the sea instead of on land. However, this is not due to an apocalyptical view of rising waters, but for the purpose of restoring synergy and preventing destructive onshore development.

The synergy of corals and mangroves is important for the biodiversity of sea life, but also in the process of the sea functioning as a carbon dioxide dump. Thus in order to maintain this process it is needed to preserve both coral areas as well as the coastline.
Intense bottom trawling and other kinds of fishing have resulted in destruction of corals and the seabed. Biodiversity on reefs and of corals depend on nutrients from sea grass meadows and mangrove forest at the seashore.

Coral reefs have some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. However, nearly 80% of coral reefs in Southeast Asia are considered endangered.

This project is designed as a living reef creating habitats for sea life while preserving natural land onshore. Living, in the sense of creating both domicile for humans as well as other species.
Thus the ‘Synergy Reef’ is built upon the idea of restoring synergy between reefs and coastline. In order to achieve this it is built on approximately 20-30 meters depth some 500 meters off shore.
In order to restore the damaged seabed an artificial reef, the ’Atoll’, is constructed. To preserve mangroves on shore traditional elements of the city are merged within the ‘Synergy Reef’, which grows up within and around the ‘Atoll’.

~ by tw on May 1, 2010.

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