Botanical Highway


Together with our friends at DoUC we have developed a concept for a stretch of decommissioned highway in Calabria. The highway runs for 10km from the town of Scilla to Bagnara.

The Botanical Highway is a response to societies changing attitudes towards the way we understand and view the natural landscape and local culture. It attempts to create a series of different interconnected events, experiences, production methods, and mobility options, which will transform the Autostrada del Sole into a new kind of park suitable for the 21st century. Botanical Highway allows the user to customize their own programatic experience by creating a multiplicity of activities and mobility methods, which constantly transforms the character of the park. For some the park is a place of knowledge by experiencing local food production. For others it is a place to experience an active lifestyle by exploring the various bike trails, bungee jumping points, and the opportunity to scale the Favazzina Viaduct. This method of programatic customization allows the park to constantly respond and change to the needs of the individual user.


Key Elements of Botanical Highway Botanical Highway does not rely on the concept of sustainability, but instead incorporates it in a number of different ways through both its design and program. By connecting with the already existing natural and physical relationships which surround the Autostrada del Sole, physical interventions will have a minimal impact on both the natural environment and the local population. Proposed agricultural interventions build upon and enhance local fauna and production methods. All forms of proposed transportation and infrastructure will be powered by renewable energy, whose power sources are located along the route. A New Story for the Autostrada del Sole Botanical Highway will become a new destination gateway for the south. Commuters, locals, and visitors will experience the landscape and the unique culture of the region in a way they never have before.



~ by tw on February 14, 2011.

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